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I have several training videos on YouTube and adding more all the time. You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel here:


Some of my more popular video series (and they’re all free):

Lightroom 5 Training 


Photoshop For Photographers 


Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 Training


Photo Critiques


There’s a lot more videos than what’s in those series on YouTube and I’m adding more everyday so please check out and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel so that you don’t miss anything.


33 comments to YouTube Videos

  • Eva Helen Kvakkestad  says:

    Very much liked your videos on youtube.

    • Anthony Morganti  says:

      Thank you Eva! I’m glad you’re enjoying them!!!

      • George Felton  says:

        I love your tutorials and have learned much from them. However, I never get any notifications from you any more. What gives?

  • Rich S.  says:

    Anthony: THANK YOU for the videos on youtube. I’m new to Lightroom 5 (any Lightroom product and Adobe) and like the videos ALOT. They have been a great help. Thanks again

    • Anthony Morganti  says:

      You’re welcome Rich! I’m glad the videos are helping you. That’s GREAT to hear! Thank you for watching!

  • bob  says:

    Thanks for all the amazing tutorials keep up the good work. I especially like how you repeat the key steps in each session to help people remember the important steps.
    I don’t know if you have covered this yet but how do you calibrate your monitor?
    Also can you do a session on metering for highlights since that is such a big part of your technique.
    Looking forward to the rest of your tutorial sessions.

    • Anthony Morganti  says:

      Hi Bob, In the very near future I’ll be doing videos where I’m in front of the camera demonstrating techniques. When that happens, Exposing for the highlights will definitely be one of the first ones and I’ll have one about monitor calibration too. Thank you for the suggestions and thank you for watching!

      • normfordNorm Ford  says:

        When I learnt my Trade it was shooting with 5×4″ Linhofs in the RAAF and we used a Weston Light meter V, to get the “minimum correct exposure” and vice versa. Part of our “pre trade test” was producing a negative of a black & white cloth and do a contact print on a nominated grade of paper ranging from grade 0 to 5 showing the weave of the cloths without dodging or burning, So we had to adjust our development times to get the required gamma.

        How can I use a DSLR to do the same? Or can this be done?


        Norm Ford

  • Leonard Sugarman  says:

    Anthony please make a video on ‘how to create a UK passport photo with Lightroom 5 and print

    • Anthony Morganti  says:

      I don’t know how to do that myself. I’ll look into it. Thank you for watching!

  • Michael Turpin  says:

    The Lightroom 5 videos have been a big help. Could you do a video on group photographs?

  • Anthony Dobbie  says:

    I love watching the transformation of a mediocre snapshot turn into an amazing photograph that I can be truly proud of. Something that I could only dream of before coming across your Lightroom tutorials. I am forever in your debt. Thx heaps

  • stephen  says:

    Hey Anthony, Love your videos and appreciate the effort, passion and time you put into them. Could you do a video on passport photos on LR5 and how to print.

  • Frances  says:

    Hi Anthony I find the video clips you have on YouTube are great
    I am only just learning how to fix my photos
    Thank you very much Frances

  • kyawzino  says:

    Thank you so much

  • Judy Martin  says:

    Have you done a video on how to copy and move your LR images and edits to a new computer from an old one? I have been trying to do this without success. I have a PC not a Mac. The commands are different.

  • Mercia  says:

    Thank you! Have learned so much from your videos – clear instruction, easy to follow and understand. Keep going …. please!

  • Bill  says:

    Love the Lightroom series, makes learning very easy. I send people to it in my Photo Club whenever I hear they are using Lightroom. Could you please cover how to design,set-up, build, maintain your catalog/library in Lightroom?

  • Connie Bowen  says:

    Hi, Love your Lightroom tutorials! Thank you. Do you have one about how to edit wildlife? Or would you follow the edit suggestions of another subject? THX

  • Paul Athey  says:

    Really have been helped by your lightroom tutorials – an excellent resource that I’ll recommend to all my photographer friends – esp those making the break from purely photoshop and bridge over to lightroom. Also superb for anyone new to lightroom. Thank you for all of your help. Paul…

  • Kerry Deare  says:

    Excellent stuff, and you are to be congratulated. The fact that Fuji includes lens corrections in EXIF data is pretty well known to Fuji diehards, but probably less well known to casual users. Thanks for the tip and clarification. Also in the same video there’s a possible clarification that the FinePix 100 is not in the same family as the X100s and the X100t. Keep up the great work, sir.

  • Nitin Agarwal  says:

    I have recently subscribed to your Light room tutorials on you tube and I should say that you really are doing a fabulous job in educating the beginners. I personally liked the horse’s black and white dramatic portrait and would love to implement some of those in my edits. I will soon be sharing my edited photographs with you for your comments and guidance. Hope that’s fine with you. Happy to learn from you. Thanks, Nitin

  • Bob Selby  says:

    I have learned so much from you LR videos. On your first video you slide the Shadow slider all the way up and the Highlights all the way down and adjusted the other sliders using the Alt key. Do you have readjust the Shadow and Highlight sliders or do you leave them at 100%?

  • mariano r garcia jr  says:

    i am looking to see if you have any videos on learning your camera. like shooting in raw,learning how to use all settings,learning how to use the right lighting things like that.thank you very much.

  • Viktor  says:

    Hello Anthony! Many thanks for Lightroom 5 tutorial and everything else! Viktor from Manchester UK. Kind Regards.

  • Leonard Wertheimer III  says:

    Your YouTube videos are beyond excellent and have taught me so much about Lightroom. Many thanks!!! You are discussing alternatives to Lightroom, On1 and Luminar 2018. I find both of these programs very interesting and wonder if you have a preference between them.

  • Anyse Joslin - Travel and Food  says:

    I can’t use PayPal because I don’t have your email address! Where is it?

  • Dan Fraser  says:

    Great what you are doing. You teach well.

  • ianbarrass  says:

    The best photo tutorials I have ever seen, Thank you Anthony.

  • Gary Beat  says:

    Tony, Where do I find your article on back button focusing?

  • Anyse Joslin - Travel and Food  says:

    I truly enjoyed the Luminar training and NOW I GET how masking is done in Luminar! I downloaded your LUTs for free because I lost my debit card here in Kyrgyzstan and have no way to pay you. When I get the new card, I will, definitely, pay for them. Your Luminar videos are very good and, for me, a bit hard to follow as you move a bit quickly so I have to stop you one step at a time, which is how we learn to walk, isn’t it?

  • Julio Ayala  says:

    WOW!!!! I have learned soon much from your videos already and I’m just on Video 9!!!!…. You are definitely my go to guy for Camera and Lightroom trainings!!…. Thank you very very much for taking the time to do these videos and providing your expert advise. I am new to photography and Lightroom and I am feeling more comfortable now than before after seeing your videos.

  • nomi  says:

    Hello, I am a photographer from the non-stop city Tel Aviv, Israel, which is now on stop due to the Corona virus. That’s why I take the time to organize the pictures on my computer. I would be happy if you could do a tutorial on how to get and organize correctly and best of all the photos with Lightroom.

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