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Lightroom Quick Tips – Episode 40: RAW Files

by Anthony Morganti

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This is the 40th episode of Lightroom Quick Tips where I give a single, quick Lightroom tip.

Did you ever try to send someone an edited RAW file only to find that the edits were not included — where are they and how can you send someone an edited RAW file? Those questions are answered in this episode of Lightroom Quick Tips.


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Lightroom 6 / CC RAW Files

by Anthony Morganti

Lightroom 6 / CC RAW Files

Now Available

All of the image files used in the First 13 Episodes of the

Lightroom 6/CC Training Videos

Every file used in episodes 1 though 13

37 Total Files

33 of them are RAW Files

3 of them are JPG’s

1 is a TIFF File

Exactly what are used in the videos

Now you can watch the videos while practicing on the same file!

  • Episode 1: 1 RAW File

  • Episode 2: 1 RAW File

  • Episode 3: 1 RAW File

  • Episode 4: 1 TIFF File & 1 JPG File

  • Episode 5: 3 RAW Files & 1 JPG File

  • Episode 6: 1 RAW File

  • Episode 7: 1 RAW File & 1 JPG File

  • Episode 8: 3 RAW Files

  • Episode 9: 6 RAW Files

  • Episode 10: 1 RAW File

  • Episode 11: 9 RAW Files

  • Episode 12: 5 RAW Files

  • Episode 13: 1 RAW File


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