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Photography is my Passion Podcast

Photography is my Passion

Photography really is my passion!

and I love sharing my passion with you…

As many of you know, I’ve recently started producing a podcast appropriately titled, Photography is my Passion. I believe that through the podcast I’ll be able to help more people with their photography but I need your help. Please, when you have time, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and/or Android and if possible, rate and comment on the podcast so that others may more easily find it.

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Once you subscribe to the Podcast, you won’t miss an episode, produced once a week on varying things concerning photography.

In week one’s podcast, we talked about the photographer’s phases of growth:

In week two’s podcast, I did an introduction to...

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Photography is my Passion Podcast: Episode 1

by Anthony Morganti

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In this, the first ever episode of the “Photography is my Passion” Podcast with Anthony Morganti, I talk about the three phases of a photographer’s growth. I also talk about my wishes for future episodes of the podcast and what we’ll talk about next week.

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The Photographer’s Phases of Growth

by Anthony Morganti

Young woman with DSLR over dark background

Being immersed in photography for most of my life and teaching it for several years, I’ve come to realize that a person goes through three specific phases as they learn the craft. At first, I thought that being aware of these phases wouldn’t be of any use to a photographer’s education and growth but the more I examined the phases and helped people learn photography, I now believe that knowing the phases, I call them The Photographer’s Phases of Growth, help in one very specific way – being aware of them will help a photographer with their emotions and expectations. Emotions, at least the wrong ones, and unrealistic expectations, can stifle growth.

Too often I’ve seen a photographer expect too much too soon...

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Proud to be a B&H Photo-Video Affiliate

by Anthony Morganti

Today I’m proud to announce that I’m now an affiliate for B&H Photo-Video

Lately I’ve received quite a few offers from companies asking me to represent them and their product. To tell you the truth, I’m quite flattered to receive these offers but I just cannot sign up with a company if I don’t personally believe in the product or service that they’re selling. If I’m not going to personally use it, I cannot and will not suggest that you should. Well, those of you that know me know that in the past I’ve driven 7 hours to New York City just so I could visit B&H Photo-Video in Manhattan so I was quite thrilled when they contacted me asking me to be their affiliate and work with them in a symbiotic way that ultimately helps me, help you, with your photography.

Forgive me bu...

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Top 5 Most Common Mistakes in Landscape Photography

Top 5 Landscape Mistakes

I stumbled across this video today and I thought it was very well done and presented although the introduction is a bit long 😉

In the video below, Joshua Cripps talks about the 5 most common mistakes he sees from Landscape Photographers — Give it a look and see if you agree.

Joshua Cripps is a full-time landscape photographer living near Yosemite National Park in California. His recent work includes the worldwide marketing campaign for the Nikon D750 camera.

For more landscape photography, tutorials, and workshops check out all Joshua has to offer here:……


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Topaz Labs – Episode 2: Clarity

by Anthony Morganti

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This is the second video of a series where I demonstrate the Topaz Labs suite of plugins. I’ll be using them in Lightroom and Photoshop but they also work in Elements, Paintshop Pro, Photo Impact and Irfanview.

In this episode, I’ll be demoing Topaz Labs Clarity.

If you’d like me to demo a specific Topaz Plugin, let me know in the comment section

For more info about Topaz Labs Clarity, visit this link.

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Learn Lightroom 6 / CC – Episode 10: Processing Workflow Pt. 3

by Anthony Morganti

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This is the tenth episode of Learn Lightroom 6 aka Lightroom CC. In this video we will:

1.) Learn how to flag images
2.) Learn about star ratings
3.) Learn about color labels
4.) Learn how to compare and select images
5.) Process a silhouette image

Finally, I talk about what I’ll be doing in the next few videos and exactly what RAW files will be available for download.

All of the Lightroom 6, Lightroom CC videos can be found here:

Lightroom 6 / CC Playlist on YouTube


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Photoshop For Photographers – Episode 13: Create a Panorama

by Anthony Morganti

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Many of you may recall that I created a panorama in Episode 19 of my Learn Lightroom 5 Video series but in this video, I do it slightly different. In the Lightroom Video, after Photoshop created the Panorama, I had to crop away a large part of the image, in this video, I demonstrate an alternative way with minimal cropping.


Watch the entire series of Photoshop For Photographer videos on YouTube here:

Photoshop For Photographers – Videos on YouTube


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Lightroom Quick Tips – Episode 14: Quick & Easy White & Black Points

by Anthony Morganti

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This is the fourteenth episode of Lightroom Quick Tips where I give a single, quick Lightroom tip.

In my video series, “Learn Lightroom 5”, I demonstrated two different ways to set the white and black points — one method involved holding in the Alt/Option key to find the points and the other involved using the clipping points of the histogram. In this video, I demonstrate a third way — the easiest way to set the white and black points.

This, past and future episodes of Lightroom Quick Tips can be viewed here:

Lightroom Quick Tips on YouTube


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by Anthony Morganti

Stressed Over Holiday Image Post Processing

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