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Mastering Lightroom Classic CC – 8: The Crop Tool


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This is Episode 8 of Mastering Lightroom Classic CC

In this video, I demonstrate all the functions of the Lightroom’s Crop Tool.

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Lightroom Quick Tips – Episode 69: Custom Crop Preset

by Anthony Morganti    @AnthonyMorganti

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This is the 69th episode of Lightroom Quick Tips where I give a quick Lightroom tip.

In this episode I demonstrate how easy it is to create a custom crop preset in Lightroom



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Composition Overlays In Lightroom

by Anthony Morganti

Important Message: This weekend I’ll be introducing an in-depth video series on how to process your images in Adobe Lightroom. Look for  part one of the installment this Sunday, July 21st. If you’re unsure how to use Lightroom or if you’re an advanced user looking for some tips, this video series is for you!

Adobe Lightroom has a plethora of features with some hidden away unknown to many people. One easily accessed but relatively obscure feature is that Lightroom has a number of compositional overlays which aid in cropping an image so that it’s most powerful elements are positioned correctly.

The overlays are accessed when the crop tool panel is active.

Crop Tool Panel

Access the crop tool panel by hitting “R” on your keyboard or clicking on the far left rectangle

Once you open u...

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