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Photo Critique

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56 comments to Critiques – FAQ

  • Ron McKibban  says:

    I have talked with you before and last week has a tragedy with LR 5. I was deleting some folders that had 0 or photos I didn’t want to keep. I deleted one with my name on it that showed no photos in the folder and it deleted ALL catalogs and folders. I can’t locate them in the trash basket or anyplace else and some were published photos from several magazines. Any ideas where I may find them? I’m not great on LR but never had anything like this happen. Thanks so much and hope you can help me track these.

    • Mike  says:

      Only an idea but maybe worth trying. If you’re using a PC, how about trying the roll back to the last date when you updated your system. There’s a chance it will revert to where your LR was back then.

    • C. Allen Round  says:

      Just Curious – Did you find a solution? I had a hard drive crash and although I had LR catalog backups and backups of my photos it was still a lot of work to recover all.

  • patrick  says:

    Hello Anthony,
    Very nice tutorials,congratulations and thank you for sharing.
    I have a suggestion :could you upload/share the .dgn for the pictures you pp in your tutorials? This will help me to confirm I understand the concept you are teaching.
    Thank you, Patrick

  • Martin van Deudekom The Netherlands  says:

    Hey Anthony. I want to buy Your LR5 preset bundle. What is the procedure after I pay by PayPal. Can I download than the presets?

    • Anthony Morganti  says:

      Hi Martin, Thank you for your interest! Yes, after you pay with PayPal, you’ll immediately get an email with the link to download them.

  • Leonard  says:

    I have used Lightroom for a few years but only began to tap the power of Lightroom after viewing your uTube videos. I am amazed at the end results I am achieving and cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of the valuable knowledge you are sharing.

  • Jim Brown  says:

    I have been “playing” with Lightroom for a little while after starting on PSE. After watching your Youtube videos, I am now understanding the effect each part of Lightroom has on my images and which to use. Now, my images have a lot more punch to them
    Thanks for the tutorials

  • jess  says:

    I have tried to add a moon to a photograph using PSE12…does not happen…has there been a change in the way PSE11 and PSE12 works to do this

  • Tom Lang  says:

    Can I download the preset package to my desk top AND my laptop? Want to buy the Valentine Day package.

    • Anthony Morganti  says:

      Yes you can. Thank you for your interest!

  • Kenny Macleod  says:

    Just like to say thanks for all the great tutorials and presets. So easy to follow and understand for a newbie like myself. Cheers from Bonnie Scotland

    • Anthony Morganti  says:

      Thanks for stopping by my website Kenny. Very much appreciated!

  • Fresh Prince  says:

    Mr. Morganti, Im wondering if it is possible for you to do a lightroom tutorial on editing low light images both in raw and jpeg with people in them.

  • Sam Bell  says:

    Your tutorials for Lightroom and Photoshop are outstanding. They have helped me in my post editing process tremendously. Thank you for all you do to help make photography better!!!

  • Linda Karlin  says:

    Hi Anthony. Love your work. I had purchased some of your presets but my computer is dead. I bought a new computer and I would like to download the presets that I had purchased to Lightroom on my new computer. Do you have a link for that so you can send it to me????? Thanks Linda

    • Anthony Morganti  says:

      Hi Linda,

      Thank you for your kind support! Please email me at — Tell me the email address that you used on PayPal to buy the presets with and the month that you purchased them. With that info I can reactivate the download link and send it to you so that you can download them again.

  • nicholas brocklebank  says:

    Anthony, Love your tutorials and wish to buy your presets. Is paypal the only option to purchase. If so do i have to setup an account?
    Will your presets work with 3.6 and what will happen if I buy lightroom 6? do i just keep the presets in a folder on my hard drive and import again?
    Nick UK

  • Mark (@MarkA_STL)  says:

    Anthony, I have come to really appreciate your series of videos on Lightroom, Photoshop for photographers, and now Topaz. I am amazed at how your videos have improved so many aspects of my photography and workflow. The idea of workflow wasn’t even in my vocabulary until I began watching your videos. The more I learn about processing, the more I’m striving to improve the images I take, to learn to use more advanced features of my camera, and experiment with off-camera flash. My wife sometimes questions this obsession I call a hobby, but appreciates the beautiful images I’m producing, Thank you!!
    Mark Ashpole, St. Louis, MO

  • Brittney  says:

    Anthony, I am currently using Lightroom 5; however, there seems to have been an update and the effects folder now has “post-crop vignetting.” It is not allowing me to move it left or right in order to create a focal point with either black or white. Please help.

    • Anthony Morganti  says:

      Hi Brittney,

      Post Crop Vignetting has been in Lightroom forever and I’m not aware of a recent update causing it to not work. Are you saying that when you push the top slider, “Amount” in the Effects tab, nothing is happening?

  • Lars Fabricius  says:

    Hi Anthony
    Thank you for the very useful LR tutorials. In April, I switched from LR5 to LR6. Now I have a LR5 catalog (Lightroom 5 Catalog.lrcat (325.3 MB)) and a LR6 catalog (Lightroom Catalog.lrcat (557 MB)). Since the upgrade nothing has been changed in LR5 catalog, but the LR6 catalog has been growing. Did LR transferred all information from LR5 catalog to LR6 when I upgraded? Can now delete the LR5 catalog, or should I keep both catalogs?
    Lars Fabricius

  • Nick Bywater  says:

    Hi Anthony, i’m new to photography and i have been watching your critiques with much interest. So thank you very much for them all. I have a question that has been puzzling me for a while now with regards to distractions and points of interest.
    question: when does a distraction become a point of interest? is there a ‘rule of thumb’ for this one?
    Nick Bywater

  • Darren Atkinson  says:


    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I am a photographer with 30 years experience and some professional training. I kind of let myself be overwhelmed by the digital era. Your tutorials have given me a boost of confidence to not be sooo scared of post processing and with just a few simple steps learned so far (from your Youtube channel) I have been able to elevate my work to higher level. And a renewed passion for the craft I love.
    Keep up the good work. I hope to show my support and thanks by purchasing your presets shortly.

    And Thanks! again,

  • moxiebleu  says:

    Hi Anthony! I just have to share with you that I have learned so much from you, and share your name with all my fellow lightroom users, esp those struggling to get started. You made it so easy for me to get over the fear of leaving my comfort zone and learning to run with my new passion. You’re excellent with your skill and I appreciate it.
    One question, My Mac just crashed and I unfortunately lost all my saved presets. Is there a way I can recover them? I truthfully can’t live without your series! lol. Any thoughts on how i can recover them would be great. Thanks and blessings to you!!

    • Anthony Morganti  says:

      Thank you so much for your kind comments. I truly appreciate it! It depends how your computer crashed as to whether you can salvage any presets. If you had a hard drive failure, they’re likely gone. Email me at, let me know what presets you purchased and approximately when you purchased them and I can reactivate the download and send you new links. Just give me a good day after you email me so I can look it up and have the site send you the download link.

  • Jerry H  says:

    Just found your YouTube page, videos, and website. Great information and really gave me a solid start to “fix” my workflow and understand LR. Thanks for your contribution to the community and keep up the good work.

  • Levi  says:

    Hi Anthony. Wonderful videos, btw. Where may I find the practice files for Photoshop for Photographers? The lessons that do I have link do seem to be pointing to any files, Thanks in advanced.

  • Brittney Dodson  says:


    Is there a way to potentially fix a focusing problem with a picture? Also, do you use back button focus?

  • Don Piper  says:

    Hi Anthony. I moved from PSE13 to Lightroom 5 great program but there is one thing that bugs me.
    It’s the Comments in the Library module. Why does Adobe include this section but will not let me use it?? In PSE13 I can make notes in the Information module as well as put a caption on the image. Any ideas?

  • Chidu  says:

    When will your LR 6 tuts be available to purchase?
    Its one of the best.
    Can you please email me?

  • Jerry Mendoza  says:

    Anthony, I have a question about using tethering with Lightroom. I’m using Lightroom 6, vers 6.0, shooting with my Canon 5 D Mark 3, on Mac vers 10.10.1, cable standard 5 Ft i believe.
    when I shoot tethered the pictures take a while to load up and it slows down my shoot. Is there any light you can shed on this problem?
    Thank you.

  • Alicia Arellano-Perez  says:

    Hello Anthony, I have a quick question about the Adobe Lightroom 6 I recently purchased, on top of my name on the Lightroom app screen it says “30 days left in mobile trail” and I’m not sure what that means and how to get rid of it. Can you help me on this? Thank you for your time

  • Kuldip Dhiman  says:

    Dear Anthony, thanks a lot for your profound tutorials. I am relatively new to Lightroom though I have some experience in Photoshop. Often I expect to find some Photoshop commands in Lightroom but I don’t. After I have done a photograph in Lightroom, I don’t know how to save it. You said in one of your videos that it saves automatically, somehow I am never sure that it has done it, so I tend to export it as well. Secondly, I understand before and after, but how do I get to see one step back, or undo a few steps.

  • Jeff Malmud  says:

    I am a total beginner to Lightroom. I was very into photography with my manual Pentax years ago and now stepping up with a DSLR, Lightroom and Photoshop. I have some familiarity with Photoshop but never used anything like Lightroom, outside of my mac’s Photo’s editing tools.
    I just watched Learn Lightroom Episode 1 and want to thank you for a clear, concise, methodical video. It really helped me hit the ground running. I am about to start, and eagerly so, Episode 2. You do a great job and I wanted to take a moment to thank you!

  • Carlos Molina  says:

    Hi Anthony Today I bought a set of presets from you, I downloaded it, installed without problems at my office’s station, I save it to an external HD, and then I tried to install it at home, to my surprise it says I’m not allow to, your help would be appreciated

    • Anthony Morganti  says:

      There are no restrictions on the presets. They can be installed on all your machines on all your copies of Lightroom without purchasing them more than once and I have many customers that do just that including myself so I really don’t know why you’re having a problem installing them on your home machine. All I can suggest is that you double check the demo videos I have where I install them just to double check that you’re installing as I do in the videos. Also, just for the heck of it, take them off the external drive and put them on the local drive and try installing them from there. That shouldn’t be a problem but hey, you never know.

  • alex-titley  says:

    Antony, is it possible to pay for your presets by credit card?

    • Anthony Morganti  says:

      Yes, when you’re brought to the PayPal page, under where you would normally login to PayPal you’ll see the option to pay by debit/credit card without logging into PayPal.

  • Steven Ramirez  says:

    Anthony, can you please do a video on buttons. If i am editing a photo, i find it incredibly difficult to keep track of all the edits I have made. Sometimes i dont see all of the buttons on my image. Is there a window that will list all the buttons (edits, effects, brushes) you have used to edit an image. This would allow me to select a particular edit/affect quickly. Please email me if you decide to make a video, i do not check this website regularly. I typically just watch your youtube videos. i would love to hear back. thanks!

    • Anthony Morganti  says:

      I’ll see what I can do. Thank you for watching!

  • Dane  says:

    HI Anthony, I recently purchased Creative Cloud with Lightroom CC 2015. I have used Lightroom 5 and not sure if there is a big learning curve for CC. Do you have any training videos for CC? Also any training video’s for Photoshop CC 2017? Thank you

  • Kevin Burkhart  says:

    Anthony, I am currently about 75 videos into your LR quick tips. Excellent series, I am learning. I also watched your LR training. Thanks for all you are doing. One thing I want to do in LR that I find cumbersome, maybe you know of an easier way. I use LR for post processing of images I use for myself only, displayed around my home. So, once I think I am done, I export to an “exports” folder as a jpeg. Jpegs are then used by other displays in my home. As I watch your videos, I learn and improve on many of my images. When I go to re-export an image, I find there is no easy way to overwrite my previous export (which I really don’t want to keep). In the export dialog, I have to input the folder and filename of the export location to accomplish the overwrite. “export with previous” does not work. Any suggestion?

  • Kevin Burkhart  says:

    Apparently this is the wrong place to ask questions. No reply.

  • Rafael Carchak Canes  says:

    Hi Anthony! I enjoy your videos and appreciate very much your efforts to help us learn how to take advantage of Lightroom. Today I tried to purchase your book on portrait retouch and some presets, but I could not find the way to get everything in the cart. Anytime I wanted to add a second item and check the cart, the first one was missing…

  • emmanuel  says:


    I like your presets and interested in buying the bundle. I went to your page and wanted to take up the offer to get all your presets for as stated “(Normally $79.29 if purchased individually -> $49.29 with code: 30OffAllPresets)” so i added to the cart using that code but the total goes to USD$64.24 not USD$49.29, please help.

  • Jeffrey Hess  says:

    Awhile ago, I purchased your presets. Somehow, the Enhance Sky Light and Medium are gone from the side panel in LR6. Still there are Enhance Sky Strong and Very Strong. Any suggestions for getting the two missing presets back?

  • Rudi Sels  says:

    Hello Anthony,

    My name is Rudi Sels I live in Europ Belgium, Im a helikopter pilot and my business is aerial photography until now I develop my photos by myself. My question: is it possible to send you pictures for developing ? I will pay you by Paypal before you send me the pictures back . Greetings Rudi

  • Tony Capp  says:

    Anthony – I’m a digital photography newbie. I was wondering how you decide if you’re going to use Lightroom or Photoshop for your post production final composition? I find PS very difficult to use & it’s not very intuitive. Your introduction to Lightroom 6 has made my photo editing easy & my pictures are starting to look amazing. Again thank for all your help. And next time I buy from B&H, I’ll use your link.

  • Derek Murray  says:

    just watched your intro to On 1 RAW …. looked good as an alternative to LR ( not happy they have left LR 6 users unsupported) .How are you organising your images …. do you clone your lightroom files for On 1 RAW as I assume changing original image will not be reflected in LR ……. or do you have to make a hard choice between programs ?

  • Steve Z  says:

    Any plans to create a tutorial video for how to migrate from Apple Photos to ON1. I have an extensive set of photos (20,000 or more) locked in Apples Photos structure. I know I can export them but likely will lose the album organization I work hard to construct.

  • kwoodley2016  says:

    I just purchased your landscape profiles for Lightroom and followed your video to install them in the Camera Raw – Settings folder. All went well, but I can’t find the Profile Browser anywhere on my screen. I am using a PC and there is no “little boxes” icon such as displays on your Mac in the video. Any ideas?

    • Anthony Morganti  says:

      The profile browser is only in the Basic Panel of the Develop Module in Lightroom version 7.3.

  • Prashant Mukherjee  says:

    Hello Anthony
    I have Adobe Lightroom CC 7.3.1.After going through many books and online tutorials, I have reached a place, where I am getting what I wanted
    I have facing 2 issues:
    1. Spot removal tool: If I try to remove a small object, instead of doing that, it leaves a dirty smudge.Sometimes the source circle goes out side the frame. If I want another area with a new one, the previous one remains and after some times the entire picture gets full of circles and arrows
    2. Targeted adjustment is not working. If I hover over the targeted area and click, nothing happens
    I am using MacBook Air
    Can you please help?

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