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This Is My Last Post On This Website

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Mastering Lightroom Classic CC – 3: Cull & Organize


In the very near future, this website will no longer be updated

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This is Episode 3 of Mastering Lightroom Classic CC

In this video, I demonstrate all the different ways you can cull images then I talk about the different ways you can compare two or more images to one-another and finally I offer various ways to view the image and folders that contain your images. I cover a lot of ground in this episode and mention a lot of keyboard shortcuts so you may find it beneficial to take notes as you watch.

If your interested in gett...

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Market Place Pricing

I went through all of the products in my Market Place and adjusted the product pricing across the platform to be more consistent for similar products. Also, I drastically lowered the pricing on the complete set of Morganti Lightroom Presets and the complete set of Morganti Lightroom Profiles so check out the adjusted Market Place pricing when you have time by CLICKING HERE.

Everything you purchase helps me continue to make photography how-to videos and improve the quality of those videos. 

Also, I created a centralized page which lists all of the ways you can support this website. You can visit it by CLICKING HERE.

Again, thank you all for your kind support!


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Website Update & Market Place Info

Just a very short video to let you know how the website is coming along.

and the new Market Place website:

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April Donation Summary

What is This?

I mentioned last month that on the first of every month I would give an update on the donations I received and what I’m doing with your money. Scroll down to the bottom to see how I’m using your money to improve my content.


Usually I receive three (3) to five (5) donations via PayPal per month with the total of all them most often being under $100. For the month of April, I was very humbled to receive a total of twenty-eight (28) PayPal donations totaling $612.50 gross, $583.03 after PayPal fees. As a comparison, for the month of March, I had five (5) one-time PayPal donations totaling $80.00 gross.

The good news keeps coming….

Monthly Subscribers

Viewers have the option of making monthly donations — YouTube calls them Subscribers...

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Announcement: My New Website!

Announcement: My New Website!

Offering a look at my new website:

I also talk about my future, what I’m doing, and explaining what is happening to my existing website,

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Lightroom Quick Tips – Episode 120: More Chromatic Aberration Tips

by Anthony Morganti    @AnthonyMorganti

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Lightroom Quick Tips – Episode 120: More Chromatic Aberration Tips

This is the 120th episode of Lightroom Quick Tips where I give a quick Lightroom tip.

In this episode of Lightroom Quick Tips, I explain how the alt/option key can help you find any chromatic aberration in your image.

In Episode 72 I went into great detail about Chromatic Aberration. Here is that video:

If you’re reading this in your email, click on the headline to view the video

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I Need Your Help

Anthony Morga...

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I get emails now and then from folks asking me if I have Twitter — Yes I do! It’s linked on the right of my website but apparently it easily goes unnoticed so I’m linking it here and pinning it to the top for a while. You can find me on Twitter here:



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A Photographer’s Duty

Quote by Anthony Morganti

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Proud to be a B&H Photo-Video Affiliate

by Anthony Morganti

Today I’m proud to announce that I’m now an affiliate for B&H Photo-Video

Lately I’ve received quite a few offers from companies asking me to represent them and their product. To tell you the truth, I’m quite flattered to receive these offers but I just cannot sign up with a company if I don’t personally believe in the product or service that they’re selling. If I’m not going to personally use it, I cannot and will not suggest that you should. Well, those of you that know me know that in the past I’ve driven 7 hours to New York City just so I could visit B&H Photo-Video in Manhattan so I was quite thrilled when they contacted me asking me to be their affiliate and work with them in a symbiotic way that ultimately helps me, help you, with your photography.

Forgive me bu...

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