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I’m Embarrassed to Ask

Embarrassed to Ask

My Business Model

Many years ago — more than I care to admit — when I was a beginning photographer, I was lucky enough to have two seasoned professionals take me under their wing and teach me how to be a professional. I was fortunate and never forgot their kindness and whenever I could, throughout my career, would assist other photographers that needed my help. When I decided to teach online, I wanted to keep my mentors spirit in mind and make all of my videos free. That is not a typical business model for the YouTube teachers of any subject. For example, my favorite YouTube guitar teacher offers only so much for free but charges for more advanced courses. Most of the photography teachers are no different...

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How to Search For Your Stolen Images

by Anthony Morganti

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How to Search For Your Stolen Images

In this video I demonstrate four different ways you can search the internet to see if anyone is using any of your images without your permission.

In the video, I talk about setting up Google Alerts. For more information on how that is done, visit Google here:

Later in the video I talk about digital watermarks. I have two videos where I demonstrate digital watermarks in depth:

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Shutter Success: Tips for Establishing Yourself in the Photography Business

By Brooke Chaplan

Young Photographer

Shutter Success: Tips for Establishing Yourself in the Photography Business

Breaking into the photography business might seem difficult, but in truth all it really takes is a little bit of finesses and persistence in the right places. There are millions of people in the world who would love to be photographers, but only those who know the right ways to plan and network will make it. The following tips are proven methods any aspiring photographer can use to get a foothold in the industry. An emerging photographer has no shortage of resources for honing their skills, and no matter what specific niche you’re going after in the field, with these tips you can really make a name for yourself.

Name your Niche and Perfect Your Plan
The most crucial part of setting up your pr...

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I’m very excited about the future videos I have planned that I hope will help you with your photography. Please watch the video above where I talk about what I have planned for the future. If you can support my efforts, I would greatly appreciate it. Please follow the link below for more information and thank you all for your kind support:

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by Anthony Morganti

Stressed Over Holiday Image Post Processing

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An Introduction To Stock Photography

by Anthony Morganti


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Lightroom Preset Sale

by Anthony Morganti

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Sony is Losing Money Hand Over Fist

by Anthony Morganti

Sony Make.Believe

If you were like me and were considering making a move to a mirrorless camera system, you may want to remove Sony from your consideration. Sony has reported that for the third straight year, their imaging department has lost money. Their fiscal year ended on March 31st and Sony reported losses of:

1.29 Billion Dollars

That’s a lot of money.

I’m a bit hesitant to invest thousands of dollars into a new system with the specter of a company that cannot sustain itself.

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A Guide to techniques used in Real estate photography

by Aaron Ho

Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography, though a booming market with ample job opportunities, can get tricky for those pursuing it professionally. However, if the right techniques are employed, you can easily triumph at the scene of professional real estate photography.

Here are some guidelines to help you become a professional real estate photographer:

  • While photographing the inside of an estate, your photographs should be in sharp focus everywhere. I generally use hyper focal principles so as to focus 1/3rd of the distance into the frame. You should always avoid shooting too close to the furniture and keep your apertures small (f/11 – f/16).
  • Good lighting while photo shooting a house is crucial. A common misconception is that you need an external flash to get amazing photographs...
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Why You Shouldn’t Be A Shoot And Burn Photographer

by Anthony Morganti

Wedding Kiss

Photo courtesy of:

Wedding photography has changed greatly over the last 6-7 years. In the past we sold packages consisting of professional albums filled with high quality prints that would last a lifetime. Today, some photographers are giving their clients a disk burnt with JPEG images of the wedding. No prints – No Albums. Some of the better ones will have software on the disk that will create a slideshow if the disk is inserted into a dvd player or computer, but most of the time, the disk just has some lightly edited JPEG’s leaving it up to the client to get them printed.

Off the top of my head, I can think of three reasons, why this shoot and burn wedding-business-model is a bad idea:

  1. You’re Leaving Money On The Table – With every we...
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