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Monday Funny – What The Duck

What The Duck - 13




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The “Secret” To Becoming a Great Photographer

by Anthony Morganti

Hey Buddy

Often people meet me for the first time and say one of two things, “Man, I’m a big fan. You take great shots! I wish I knew your secret.”

If they don’t say that, they’ll say, “Wow, great images. I wish I had your camera!”

I’m here to answer both of those questions. I’ll take the second questions first:

My camera is a Nikon D800e and no, you can’t have it.

I’ll come back to the camera issue in a minute but first, I’ll answer the second question and let you in on the secret:

Are you ready?

Umm, there isn’t any secret…. There are no secrets…. I’m not hiding anything from you and most professional photographers aren’t guarding any mystical magical “secret”.

I didn’t have to climb a mountain to search for the mystic shaman who guided me...

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Lightroom 6 Release – June 18th?

by Anthony Morganti

Lightroom Logo

The latest rumor making the rounds on the internet is that Adobe will be releasing Lightroom 6 on June 18th. I have no inside knowledge that this is true but there are numerous bloggers that seem to be very certain of it. Lightroom 5 was released about a year ago on June 9, 2013. In the past, Adobe has released major Lightroom versions every 12 months or so with the exception of Lightroom 4 which was released 17 months after Lightroom 3 and Lightroom 5 which was released 15 months after Lightroom 4.

If a new version of Lightroom isn’t released on June 18 it’s fairly certain to be available sometime within the next few months. Whenever it is released, I will again be doing FREE Lightroom training videos on YouTube and of course here...

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What The Duck

What The Duck

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What To Bring For Vacation Picture Taking

by Anthony Morganti

Statue depicting Union General Warren surveying the battlefield on the second day of the battle at Gettysburg

Statue depicting Union General Warren surveying the battlefield on the second day of the battle at Gettysburg

 (Click on the images to enlarge)

Typically, when I go to a location to shoot, I tend to bring more equipment than I could ever use. I do that because I want to be prepared for any situation that I might encounter. Since I’m headed out and about to take pictures and only take pictures, I’m afforded the luxury of being very narrow minded in that goal for the trip. What I’ve found is that I can’t have that same state of mind when I’m on a family vacation...

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**NEW** Wedding-Lifestyle-Outdoor Portrait Preset Bundle

by Anthony Morganti Wedding-Lifestyle Presets

I’m proud to announce my latest Adobe Lightroom Preset Bundle — 31 Presets for Wedding, Lifestyle and Outdoor Portraiture

(Click HERE to view all of my preset bundles)

It’s an old saying, but let’s face it, it’s true — Time is money – If you’re a professional, these presets will save you time and make you money. It’s as simple as that. You likely have hundreds of images to sort and process. This preset bundle will cut processing time considerably without any sacrifice in quality...

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Your Camera Bag Needs This….

by Anthony Morganti

Lens Filter Wrench

Everyone does it at least once in their photographic journey — no matter how careful we are, that darn filter gets screwed onto the lens a bit too much and it’s impossible to get off. For us men, it’s a huge insult to our manhood when we can’t get that filter off. We grunt and spasm — usually to no avail. Then we’ll watch YouTube video after YouTube video with techniques and tricks on how to get it off and those ideas too, fall to the wayside. I even saw a video on how to “safely” cut off the filter. I’ve heard countless stories of lenses that run thousands of dollars getting damaged when one tried to separate it from the filter.

I often heard about filter wrenches that would take a filter off in a heartbeat but never saw them for sale anywhere until recently — I was...

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Sony is Losing Money Hand Over Fist

by Anthony Morganti

Sony Make.Believe

If you were like me and were considering making a move to a mirrorless camera system, you may want to remove Sony from your consideration. Sony has reported that for the third straight year, their imaging department has lost money. Their fiscal year ended on March 31st and Sony reported losses of:

1.29 Billion Dollars

That’s a lot of money.

I’m a bit hesitant to invest thousands of dollars into a new system with the specter of a company that cannot sustain itself.

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A Guide to techniques used in Real estate photography

by Aaron Ho

Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography, though a booming market with ample job opportunities, can get tricky for those pursuing it professionally. However, if the right techniques are employed, you can easily triumph at the scene of professional real estate photography.

Here are some guidelines to help you become a professional real estate photographer:

  • While photographing the inside of an estate, your photographs should be in sharp focus everywhere. I generally use hyper focal principles so as to focus 1/3rd of the distance into the frame. You should always avoid shooting too close to the furniture and keep your apertures small (f/11 – f/16).
  • Good lighting while photo shooting a house is crucial. A common misconception is that you need an external flash to get amazing photographs...
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My DUH! List

by Anthony Morganti

Before You Press The Shutter.docx

How many times have you been happily clicking away, knowing that you’re taking great images until you realize, in varying degrees of horror and disappointment, that you have an incorrect setting dialed on your camera. In your head you hear, DUH!

This happens to us all and very recently, it happened to a friend of mine. She was doing a lifestyle shoot. It was going great — the family was cooperative and photogenic — my friend knew she was getting great images until a dreaded thought began to creep into her cranium.

Did I fix the exposure compensation setting?

The day before, she was shooting a strongly backlit subject, that she didn’t want to silhouette, so she dialed in a positive two stop exposure compensation to get some detail in her subject...

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