Anthony M’s Landscape Presets Demo Images

Original Unprocessed RAW File — Shot with a Nikon D800e and Nikon 14-24mm lens

Anthony M’s Landscape Presets Demo Images

Below is the same image above, with each of the Landscape Presets applied — one at a time. I chose to use the same image for each presentation so that you can see the differences between each of the presets. Be aware that one preset may look great on one image but look horrible on another image. If I were smart, I’d use a different image for each preset with each image being one that maximizes the beauty of the preset that is applied but, I think that would be misleading so I chose to do it this way.

I recommend after you apply a preset that you like, that you then do some basic tone adjustments – Exposure, Shadows, Highlights, Whites and Blacks to fine tune the look of the preset to your image. I didn’t do that for these demo images — I applied each preset to the RAW unprocessed image then exported it as-is. Again, I did this so you get a realistic look at the presets and how they look, compared to one-another, on the same image. For example, the High Contrast – B&W image below is a tad dark to my liking. If I like the look and wanted to share it, I would add a bit of exposure to the image after I applied the preset.


B&W High Detail

Dreamy (Brighter)

Dreamy (Darker)

Dusk Dark

Fall Colors

Green Grass Blue Sky

High Contrast – B&W

High Contrast – Colorful

Hint of Blue

Hint of Red

Hint of Yellow

Infrared (Faux)

My Prairie Home

Old B&W Print

Olde Tyme Film

Rolling Fields of Green

Rolling Pastures

Soft and Dreamy

Soft Fields

Some Color

Spring Has Sprung

Storm is Brewing

Summer Haze

Tame that Bright Sky

Winter Mist


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