New Presets & New LUTs

Introducing Two New Products

Alternate Reality LUT Pack for Luminar 2018

On1 Photo RAW 2018 Effects Preset Pack



Alternate Reality LUT Pack for Luminar 2018

The original image, with no LUT applied is in the top left hand corner.

The others are samples from the Morganti Alternate Reality LUT Pack. Only the LUT was applied, nothing else!

You can see how this LUT package, with one click, brings your image into an alternate reality!

This bundle of 30 .CUBE LUT files for Luminar 2018 will give your images an Alternate Reality look and feel.

The Package contains 30 Alternate Reality LUT Files for Luminar 2018

Cost Normally: $15

Until the end of April, 2018, get it for:


Click on the ADD TO CART Button below and after you finish your transaction, you’ll get a download link in your email to immediately download the Alternate Reality LUT Files

No Discount Code Required but price will increase on May 1, 2018

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CLICK HERE to watch a video that demonstrates how to use LUT files in Luminar 2018



If you don’t like my Alternate Reality Pack

Don’t forget

I have a “Donation Only” pack of LUTs for Luminar 2018

“Morganti General Purpose Luminar LUT Files”

Just name your price

CLICK HERE — you’ll find them part-way down the page



On1 Photo RAW 2018 Effects Preset Pack

How to install On1 Presets: 0 – 5:15

Discussion about Morganti On1 Effects Preset Bundle: 5:10 – 6:45

Demo of Morganti On1 Effects Presets – 6:45 – End



40 GREAT On1 Effects Presets offering a full range of looks and emotion. 

To purchase the bundle of 40, Morganti On1 Effects Presets, click on the Add to Cart button below.

Once you complete the transaction, you’ll immediately be emailed a link to download the preset bundle.

Watch the video above for information on how to install them.

Price: $20

Until the end of April 2018, use the discount code: Save5 to receive a $5 discount so you pay only:


Apply the discount Save5 in your shopping cart

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If you need a demonstration on how to unzip a zipped file, CLICK HERE


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