My “Influencer” Page on Amazon

Amazon Influencer Page

I was recently invited by Amazon to create what they call an Influencer Page. Every day I receive questions about gear and what I recommend — with this page, I’m creating a list of gear that I’ve actually used and can recommend comfortably knowing that my recommendations will satisfy the discerning photographer.

Only gear I own or have actually used will be on this page. I will never recommend anything that I haven’t had the opportunity to test and use.

Affiliate Links

Full disclosure: If you purchase any gear from my influencer page, I will receive an affiliate commission from the sale. The gear won’t cost you one penny more and the commission I earned will go to helping me make better photography how-to videos.

Work in Progress

I’ve just begun to add gear to my influencer page and estimate that I’m only about 1/10th done. At this point, I’d like you to stop by and view what I have on there so far and email me recommendations on what I should be adding. CLICK HERE to email me what you’d like to see on that page.

Thank you for your kind consideration!

CLICK HERE to view my Amazon Influencer Page