Mastering Aurora HDR 2018

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Mastering Aurora HDR 2018

In this four-part video series, I will make you an Aurora HDR 2018 expert. Aurora HDR 2018 allows you to create great, realistic HDR edits and it non-destructively edits RAW files as well as JPG, TIFF, DNG, and PSD. I think you’ll find that it’s very powerful yet easy to use and will open many creative possibilities.



Save Money When You Buy Aurora HDR 2018

Visit the Macphun/Skylum website by CLICKING HERE and use the discount code: AM18 to save $10 on Aurora HDR 2018 and 10% on anything that isn’t already on sale.


Practice Files

If you’re interested in purchasing the actual files (JPEG) that I use in the videos so that you can work on them yourself, I’m making them available for a limited time for $10.00.

You’ll get the full bracket of images that I shot for each scene as follows:

  • Lesson 1 – 7 Bracketed JPEG Images
  • Lesson 2 – 5 Bracketed JPEG Images
  • Lesson 3 – 5 Bracketed JPEG Images
  • Lesson 4 – 1 Single JPEG Image

You’ll also get these bonus image brackets for additional practice:

  • Buffalo NY Skyline: 3 Bracketed JPEG Images
  • Green Lake: 5 Bracketed JPEG Images
  • Ellicott Square Building Staircase: 1 Single JPEG Image
  • Ellicott Square Building Lobby – 2nd Floor View: 5 Bracketed JPEG Images
  • Saint Joseph Cathedral – Wide Shot: 5 Bracketed JPEG Images (1 is blurry)
  • Saint Joseph Cathedral – Pipe Organ: 5 Bracketed JPEG Images
  • Saint Joseph Cathedral – Vertical: 5 Bracketed JPEG Images


A Total of 47 JPEG Images For $10

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Morganti Aurora HDR 2018 Preset Pack

A huge pack of 50 awesome presets for Aurora HDR 2018 for just $15.00. Click on the button below to purchase. After your transaction is complete, you’ll be emailed a link to download the preset pack. This file is not compressed or zipped so you’ll be able to immediately load them into Aurora HDR 2018. If you’re not sure how to load them in Luminar 2018, follow my instructions in the Lesson 3 video, of Mastering Aurora HDR 2018.

***NOTE: Earlier versions of Aurora HDR 2018 had a bug which wouldn’t allow Preset Packs to load properly in Aurora HDR 2018. If you’re having a hard time loading preset packs, make sure you’re using the latest version of Aurora HDR 2018. The bug was fixed in Windows version 1.1.1 (941) and Mac Version 1.1.1 (2265)


A Total of 50 Presets for Aurora HDR 2017

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