I Did It

by Anthony Morganti


I Did It… I broke down and ordered the Nikon D850

Yesterday, in a moment of weakness, I ordered the new offering from Nikon, the D850 to replace my aging Nikon D800e. Its official release date is today but I apparently¬†waited a bit too long to place my preorder because I’ve received word that mine will not be shipped until around September 15th.

Why I ordered it

Well, I can’t sit here and claim that I NEED it. I admit that I’m suffering from GAS – Gear Aquisition Syndrome and because of that ailment, I ordered it. My D800e is great and working fine and I’ve taken most of my best and most well-known pictures with it but the improvements obtainable in the D850 were too much to pass up.

Specifically what?

I don’t sell a lot of prints — as a matter of fact, except for charity, I don’t actively attempt to sell prints. It’s just not my thing and something I can explain my reason for in the future. What I do sell now and then are images used for advertising and often the images are blown way up. We’re talking sides of buses, trains, billboards etc. For example, I recently sold an image, 6 foot high by 9 foot long for the boardroom of a local business and another image for an electronic billboard. A higher resolution camera helps in that regard and I think the D850’s increased resolution, improved native ISO and high ISO performance will be of benefit to me. Other things I look forward to are the improved focusing system with 153 focus points — 99 being cross-type, 7fps continuous shooting — 9 with the optional battery grip and¬†EN-EL18a/b battery (which I will be ordering — haven’t yet), the touch-tilt-screen and the 4k, UHD video.

When will I be doing a gear review on the D850?

I’ve mentioned very recently that gear reviews were not something I’m good at. As a matter of fact, when I view the few that I have done, I cringe looking at them. So many YouTube presenters do a much better job when it comes to reviewing gear. With that said, I kind of hate that I stink at it and would like to improve so I may do a review once I learn all the in’s and out’s of the camera. With that said, once I do get the camera — sometime around September 15th, if anyone has a question about it, feel free to email me and I’ll do my best to answer your question.

Here is the camera with all the accessories that I’ll be getting

Here is a list of product that I’ll be purchasing specifically for this camera. Since I already shoot Nikon, I won’t be needing to order a lens. Note that the links below are affiliate links:








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