My Gear Recommendations

My Gear Recommendations

Every day I get emails from people asking me my opinion about a specific piece of photography gear — cameras, lenses, tripods, memory cards — the list goes on. It’s difficult for me to give an opinion about much of the gear people email me about because I have one simple rule — I won’t recommend anything that I haven’t used myself, or at least have a pretty good understanding of. Fortunately for me, I teach photography and over the years, I’ve delved into the menu systems and seen the RAW files from many different cameras and lenses used by my students. Because of that, I have a fairly good idea what gear might be best for a photographer who’s just beginning, a photographer ready to turn pro and everybody in-between.

With that in mind, I’ve created a list of recommended gear on a website built for such a thing — — if you head over to my page there, you’ll see the stuff I have used or have a good working knowledge of that I feel confident recommending.

Work in Progress

Please note that it is a work in progress. I’ve only just begun entering my recommendations and I estimate that I’m not quite halfway done. Take a look at what I’ve recommended so far and check back often because I’ll be adding to it every day. I will post updates here now and then when I finish major sections.

Here is the link to my recommendations on Kit:

Affiliate Links

Please be aware that the links to the product bring you to where I am an affiliate. Any purchase you make via those links affords me a small commission that helps me make the free photography how-to videos the past couple years and hopefully many more years to come. Using the links do not raise the price of the product — you will not pay one penny more — the price of the products are the same with or without the affiliate links.


Thank you!

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