7 – Everything You Touch Turns to Gold

by Anthony Morganti

Here is another in a regular series of short blog posts or as I prefer to call them, essays, on all of the things I’ve learned that weren’t taught to me in a classroom or a textbook. Hence the name:


Photography After the Textbook


7 – Everything You Touch Turns to Gold


Recently a friend of mine was complimenting me on my success as a photographer, and he finished his thought by saying, “Everything you touch turns to gold.”

I had mixed feelings when he said that to me. I knew he was complimenting me and meant it in the best way, but there was a part of me that was thinking; you don’t know how hard this is and how much work this takes.

I think, wherever you might be in your journey as a photographer, you should understand that rarely, if ever, will your trip be easy, and nothing will come easy. You will have to work for everything and suffer failure after failure on your way to success.

When you look at other, more established photographers, don’t look at and dwell on what they have, instead, figure out what they had to do to get there, then plot your course.


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