I Am Now (Finally) an Adobe Affiliate!

I Am Now (Finally) an Adobe Affiliate!

This June it will be four years since I created my first video on YouTube. Between then and now I’ve managed to create 599 training videos with the vast majority of them being on Adobe products such as Lightroom and Photoshop. One would think I worked for Adobe or at least was an Adobe Affiliate — Well, I’ve never worked for Adobe and unfortunately, I never could nail down an affiliation with them until now.

What this means for you and me

What it means for me is if you click either of the banners below and either subscribe to any Creative Cloud product or subscribe to Adobe Stock, I will make a small commission from your purchase and I will add, it doesn’t cost you any more than if you just wandered over to Adobe’s site and subscribed on your own.

What it means for you is the income you’re allowing me to earn courtesy of your subscription will assure that my photography videos will always be free and just as importantly, I’ll be able to upgrade my equipment to improve the content and quality of those videos.

Trust me, I often thought of creating one or two video series that I would just outright sell. That is because the income I get from a YouTube video is minimal and not enough to really sustain a video channel with the goals and ambitions that I have for mine. Becoming more self promoting and selling is not really something that I’ve wanted to do on my channel and I’ve resisted the urge to outright sell my videos. I much prefer to keep them free and accessible to everyone. I’ve been able to do that to this point because of the kind generosity of several people who made donations to me through PayPal and Patreon but again, to really grow my channel, and help as many people with their photography I can, I needed to improve my videos technically, aesthetically and in content quality. Affiliations help with that.

So, thank you to Adobe for allowing me to become an Affiliate (Finally) and, if you or anyone you know is interested in subscribing to Creative Cloud, Adobe Stock or even Adobe Acrobat, please click through from the pertinent banners below — that’s all you need to do to help me make great videos!

Thank you!



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