I Critique and Process YOUR Image – Episode 29: Danny

by Anthony Morganti

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I Critique and Process YOUR Image – Episode 29: Danny

This is episode 29 of the video series where I critique and process your image.

In this episode, I process an image from Danny. With this image I process it completely in Lightroom then I do an alternate processing technique where I process one copy of the image for the Empire State Building then another copy of the image is processed for the rest of the buildings in the scene. I take both of those versions of the image over to Photoshop to combine the best elements from each of the two versions of the image.



 Here is the original unprocessed image:



Here is the image processed in completely in Lightroom:



Here is the image where I processed one version of the image for the Empire State Building then I took another version of the image that I processed solely for the other buildings in the scene then combined, in Photoshop, the best elements from each image into this one image:


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If you would like me to critique and process your image:

I have hundreds of images submitted to me for this series and definitely will only be able to do a fraction of them but if you’d like to send your image in for consideration:

  • I only will accept one (1) RAW file per person — no JPG’s, Tiff’s or any type of image file will be accepted.
  • You must upload and share your RAW file with me from Dropbox.
  • The email address you’ll be sharing it to is: PostProcess@AnthonyMorganti.com.
  • If your image has any recognizable people in it, you must include a signed model release for each person.
  • I will critique the image for it artistic merits and technical attributes.
  • I will post process the image using the software I feel will do the best job. The choice of software I use is up to me but will include Lightroom and may include Photoshop and any number of plugins.
  • I make no guarantee that I will process your image and apologize in advance if it turns out that I don’t. I’m receiving about 30 images for every 1 I can do.
  • Leave your RAW file on Dropbox until you know for a fact that I used it in a video. I may download it to look at it but not use it for a couple weeks, then download it again the day I do the video. After a month, if I still didn’t do a video on your image, I probably won’t so you can remove it from Dropbox.

How to share a file that’s on Dropbox:

  1. Hover over the file or folder that you wish to share.
  2. While hovering, you’ll see a “Share” button appear to the far right of the file listing.
  3. Click on that Share button and share the file or folder with the email address: PostProcess@AnthonyMorganti.com.
  4. If you’re sharing a folder, make sure I can edit the folder.
  5. Don’t forget to share any required model release.