Thank You For Your Well Wishes and Positive Vibes!

by Anthony Morganti

My dog “Archie”


Thank You For Your Well Wishes and Positive Vibes!

Last week Monday I did a video and after posting it on YouTube I realized that I sounded distant and not enthused. In the comment section of that video, I apologized and explained that my dog Archie was, at the moment I was recording the video, at the veterinarian getting a large lump removed from this side/hip area which our vet felt was likely cancer. The kindness and well wishes I received was overwhelming and I promised I would update everyone on Archie’s progress and prognosis after the biopsy came back on the lump that was removed.

It’s not the best news but it’s not the worst either

Archie made it through the surgery like a champ and came home that evening. He acted like nothing at all was wrong with him — the next day it snowed out and when my wife took him out to do his duty, he actually wanted to play in the snow despite a 12-inch long slice along his hip and side. If he didn’t have his hind shaved and a bunch of stitches, we wouldn’t even notice that anything was different about him.

The vet removed a 9cm Vascular Mass along with a lot of tissue around the mass. Today, we brought Archie in for his followup and found that the Vascular Mass is a Soft Tissue Sarcoma — apparently not uncommon in dogs. This sarcoma is cancer but the good news is that it usually doesn’t metastasize to organs or other parts of the dog’s body but it can often reoccur in the same spot — that’s why they took so much tissue around the mass — hoping to get as many cancer cells out of his body as possible so it won’t reoccur.

On the 27th he’ll get his stitches removed and hopefully his fur grows back and of course, we hope he stays healthy.

Words cannot express my gratitude to everyone for their kindness. My wife and I often say that Archie is our fourth son and he’s definitely an integral part of our everyday lives. Thank you everyone!

Thank you!!!!

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