Model Release

by Anthony Morganti

Model Release

For my video series, I Critique and Process YOUR Image, People have requested that I supply a model release. If you click on the image above (or right-click > Download Linked File As…), you’ll be able to download the PDF version of that release which is very specific to the requirements for the video series.


Key Points

  • If your image has a recognizable person in it, you must include that signed release with the RAW file.
  • From the photographer’s point of view, the release gives me the right to use the image for the I Critique and Process YOUR Image video series only and it also allows me to use the image to promote or advertise that series. No other use is granted.
  • The photographer retains ownership and all rights to their image.
  • For the person that is recognizable in the image, they’re allowing me to use the image as stated above.
  • If you don’t have a scanner to scan the signed release, you can take a picture of the signed form with your phone and include that with your RAW file.


If you’re sending me an image that doesn’t have a recognizable person in it, you don’t need to fill out the release. You, sending the RAW file to me is enough to know that you’re granting me it’s use for the video series and nothing more. I include the photographer’s signature and explanation of use on the form because I needed to differentiate between the photographer and the model. I cannot have a model send me an image granting me the right to use it without the photographer’s permission — I know that’s a rare, probably never happen occurrence but once you’ve been in the business for almost 40 years like me, you begin to think like a lawyer ☹️