Uplet – Bulk Instagram Uploader for Mac

by Anthony Morganti

Instagram: @AnthonyMorganti

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Uplet – Bulk Instagram Uploader for Mac

In this video I demo a bulk Instagram uploader for Mac called “Uplet”. I also talk about a contest I’m running where three lucky winners will win a free Uplet license.

For more info about Uplet, visit this website:



If you own a Mac and you’re interested in entering the contest for a free Uplet license, send your best Instagram picture to:


Only one entry per Instagram User Name. Winners will be announced on February 21, 2017 with their winning images posted here, on AnthonyMorganti.com

Important Concern

After I posted the video to YouTube, a kind person explained a potential problem that a user of this app might have. Below is a screenshot of the exchange I had on YouTube with this person who is a programmer. I want you to see what his concern is and what my reply is. I forwarded his concern to the app developer and will update this when I hear back from them. If the type on the screenshot is too small for you to read, click here and read the comments below the video. Thank you!

Reply From the Developer

I contacted the developer of Aplet and they asked me to post this link to a page on their website where they explain the do’s and don’ts of using Aplet with Instagram:


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