News From On1 Software

by Anthony Morganti

Most of you probably know that I’ve been doing a series of videos demonstrating On1 Photo 10. If you haven’t seen those videos yet, click here to watch them. I’ve been so impressed with On1 Photo 10 I’ve been modifying my processing routine to incorporate many of the great features of On1’s software. As an example, just this morning I took this picture of a hawk and used On1 Photo 10 Effects to bring out the detail in the bird’s feathers:

Red-tailed Hawk

Nikon D800e with Nikon 200-500 F5.6 Lens – 1/250 F5.6 iso: 100 at 500mm

Since I’m not employed by On1, in the videos I’m free to discuss anything about the software I believe to be a limiting or something that needs to be improved and in the videos I’ve often mentioned that On1 Photo 10 is not a RAW editor like Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Camera RAW are. Well, On1 has announced that this fall they’re coming out with a RAW EDITOR called On1 Photo RAW. As I mentioned, it’s due to be released this fall and a great thing is that if you purchase On1 Photo 10.5 which is out now, you’ll receive On1 Photo RAW for FREE when it’s released.

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