Updates and Minutiae

by Anthony Morganti

Updates and Minutiae

Updates and Minutiae

As many of you know that have been visiting my website for any length of time, I periodically like to give an update about what I’m currently up to and what I have planned for the future. I like doing this because it often encourages discussion which in turn gives me more ideas of things I can do to help everyone with their photography.

My Back Woes

I mentioned in a couple recent videos that I fell while snow blowing my neighbor’s sidewalk. I’ve fallen on ice before but never as violently and sudden. One minute I was standing and a split second later I was laying on my back. It happened so quickly that I never let go of the snowblower handles and actually pulled the running snowblower on top of me. I must have been quite a sight! I felt immediate, intense pain but the only thing I could think of was to jump right back up and not show that I was hurt (apparently this was because of years of Little Loop Football training still ingrained in my psyche). Either that or I was just so embarrassed, I didn’t want my neighbors to notice me laying on my back with a running snowblower on my chest pretending to be a Late Triassic Period Turtle.

Well, I actually hurt my pelvis, not my back and fortunately, not my tailbone either. I’m still quite sore and it’s a bit difficult to walk great distances. My studio is in downtown Buffalo and like most downtowns, I park in a ramp a bit far from my building. So, because in my current state I don’t relish the walk, I’m behind in many of my video series of which, we’ll discuss shortly. I will say first that I am feeling a bit better every day and hope to be 100% very soon.

For those of you that said I don’t look at all to be 56 years old — one person even told me they’d guess I was in my early 30’s — Well, I love you all and I will love you forever and will be putting you in my will! 😊

Photography is my Passion Podcast

I’ve done nine episodes of the Photography is my Passion Podcast and it’s proven to be a smashing success! Thank you everyone for watching and for your kind words of encouragement. It’s a weekly podcast and it’s been so successful I’m afraid that I’m going to have to make it a bi-weekly podcast. The reason is cost. When one does a podcast, they need a site to hold the files. YouTube doesn’t work as a podcast host so I have to pay a site to host my files. From there, the files can be viewed on Apple and Android devices. How the site makes money is they charge me for the data transfer. The more popular my podcast becomes, obviously more people watch it. So in turn, more data gets streamed to i-devices and android devices which ends up costing more money. It’s a good problem to have.

Those of you that are sharp may have noticed that I started a Patreon at around the same time. My hope was that the money I made from Patreon would offset the cost of the podcast — maybe even make a little more so that I could upgrade the cameras and audio equipment. Well, at this moment I’m making about $115 a month with Patreon which really is awesome and I thank all my Patreons from the bottom of my heart. Unfortunately, my data bill came to $138 this past month so I’m just going to scale back the podcasts to one every two weeks until I might find a sponsor for them.

Another alternative you might be thinking is that I make my podcast an audio only podcast. That of course, would cost a lot less because streaming video really eats up data. Well, photography is a visual medium and I don’t feel that an audio only podcast will cut it so I’m going to stick with the video podcast and hope to find a sponsor soon. Part of my problem is that I don’t actively go out looking for sponsors,  hoping instead that they’ll come to me which of course is stupid and a big mistake. I will be sending out queries over the next few days.

The next podcast, Episode 10, will be about how much you should charge for your photography. Wedding, portrait, advertising, etc etc etc. I’ll try to cover it all in Episode 10 of Photography is my Passion. Look for that next week.

Macro Photography Series

This has been delayed due to my injury but I am determined to get an episode done this coming week. In that episode we’ll look at the cheapest way you can get into Macro Photography and that’s by using relatively cheap but effective macro filters and for lighting, we’ll be using a simple desk lamp.

Beginning Photography Video Series

I will be doing Episode One the week of March 13th. We’ll begin our talk getting a grip on exposure, beginning with aperture. Episode two will be about shutter speed and, you guessed it, episode three will be about iso. We’ll follow that up with a talk about exposure modes then move on to other beginner topics.

Topaz Labs Video Series

This should be wrapped up by mid April as we only have a few more modules to discuss.

On1 Video Series

I’ve been getting quite a few requests to do a video series on On1’s Plugins. I’d like to do it but I really cannot keep subsidizing my video channel and website from my own bank account. Sooner or later any business needs to stand on it’s own. With that said, I will be emailing On1 asking them if they can give me access to their plugins so that I can do unbiased, how-to, videos on them. I’m not sure how this will be received or if they’ll even bother answering. I emailed Topaz Labs for over a year without a hint that they even read my emails. One of my viewers actually emailed them on my behalf and they quickly responded giving me their plugins without any restrictions or requirement that I say nice things about them. Those of you that have watched that video series know that I often complain about a feature or behavior of the plugin that I don’t like and pine for a feature I wish it had. That’s the way it must be with On1 as well — I cannot look you guys in the face and lie about a product. So, at this time I really cannot say if I will be doing this video series or not. I will keep you posted.

Springtime — Blooming with Possibilities!

This spring I will be getting out and about doing videos on location so to speak. I will be doing a series on Landscape photography and will be doing my long awaited Street photography series and may do a series on Concert photography. I’d like to do series on Lifestyle photography and Studio photography but those will require models and models need to be paid. I suppose I could get models through Model Mahem and trade images for their time but how can I tell photographers to NOT work for free and NOT accept jobs or give their images for, quote, exposure, then ask a model to work for exposure. That would be so hypocritical of me and I just cannot do it. Hopefully I can get a sponsor or two and actually pay models something for their time. This can be a win-win for all of us. If anyone can offer my some advice on attracting advertisers, it will be most welcome!

Charity Work

One time when I was a teenager my mom spied me bragging to a girl about something I did for charity. I of course did this in hopes that I would impress that girl and she would fall forever in love with me. Well, sadly, it didn’t work out with that girl and my mother told me that if I’m doing charity to brag about it, I’m obviously doing it for the wrong reasons. Well, I took that to heart and passed that same sentiment along to my children but with that said, I feel that I must give something back. You’ve all given me so much and I am so grateful to all of you for your kind support and the only way to show my gratitude is to try to give back. At the end of this month I will be announcing a charity thing I dreamed up that I hope will challenge other folks who create photography how to videos to do the same. At my income level and financial responsibilities (2 of 3 sons still in college), I cannot give much but if my fellow photography teachers take up the challenge, collectively, we might be able to make a difference. Again, look for that announcement at the end of this month.