How To Contact Me

by Anthony Morganti

Anthony Morganti Contact Info

As you might imagine, I tend to get a lot of email and messages. People email me directly, message me on my Facebook photography page, on my Facebook personal page, on Google+, on Twitter, directly on YouTube, as well as on specific YouTube videos and finally, through my Mentor Me In Photography page. My intent has always been to answer each and every message but unfortunately, it’s become overwhelming as of late so with that in mind, I’m sorry to say that I can only guarantee that I’ll answer emails that are sent directly to me at:

The Mentor Me In Photography page will be kept separate and anyone interested in mentoring is asked to message me through that page. Anything other than mentoring, please don’t message me from that page — Instead, please use the email address above.

If you message me from Facebook, Google+, Twitter and/or YouTube or anywhere else for that matter, I cannot say for sure I’ll answer your question. On the other hand, if you email me at, I can say for sure that I will answer your email… it may take me a few days but I definitely will write back.

Thank you very much for your kind understanding!



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