Printing in Lightroom – Episode :1 Screen Calibration

by Anthony Morganti

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Printing in Lightroom can be confusing if not intimidating. In this four-part mini-series, I will teach you how to get great prints in Lightroom whether you print them yourself or send them off to a lab.

In this, the first episode, I demonstrate how to calibrate a monitor. A properly calibrated monitor is ESSENTIAL to achieving beautiful prints because you must be certain when you’re processing an image that the colors, brightness and contrast that you see on your screen, will be what is printed on the paper.

In the video, I use a Spyder5Pro from Datacolor. It was kindly loaned to me, so I could create this video, from B&H Photo Video. You can find it here:

I also mention a calibration tool form ColorMunki. You can view that here:

In my experience, the Spyder5Pro does a bit of a better job on Mac Retina displays. Otherwise, the results of the two are pretty much identical.


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Anthony Morganti