Proud to be a B&H Photo-Video Affiliate

by Anthony Morganti

Today I’m proud to announce that I’m now an affiliate for B&H Photo-Video

Lately I’ve received quite a few offers from companies asking me to represent them and their product. To tell you the truth, I’m quite flattered to receive these offers but I just cannot sign up with a company if I don’t personally believe in the product or service that they’re selling. If I’m not going to personally use it, I cannot and will not suggest that you should. Well, those of you that know me know that in the past I’ve driven 7 hours to New York City just so I could visit B&H Photo-Video in Manhattan so I was quite thrilled when they contacted me asking me to be their affiliate and work with them in a symbiotic way that ultimately helps me, help you, with your photography.

Forgive me but I’m going to use a word that is used too much — “AWESOME”. Simply put, B&H Photo-Video is awesome. In my opinion, they have the most knowledgeable sales staff in the business and they carry everything a photographer will need no matter what that photographer’s skill level may be.

In the near future I’ll be announcing great things my affiliation with B&H Photo-Video means to you and how it will help you with your photography. If you click through to B&H Photo-Video from any of the links or banners from my website, I’ll make a small commission on the sale. It doesn’t cost you one penny more and the money I make will go right back into the website — Improvements to make it more user friendly and more responsive and as always, thank you everyone that visits my website, YouTube channel and shares what I do with others. I truly appreciate it!