Lightroom 6 / CC RAW Files

by Anthony Morganti

Lightroom 6 / CC RAW Files

Now Available

All of the image files used in the First 13 Episodes of the

Lightroom 6/CC Training Videos

Every file used in episodes 1 though 13

37 Total Files

33 of them are RAW Files

3 of them are JPG’s

1 is a TIFF File

Exactly what are used in the videos

Now you can watch the videos while practicing on the same file!

  • Episode 1: 1 RAW File

  • Episode 2: 1 RAW File

  • Episode 3: 1 RAW File

  • Episode 4: 1 TIFF File & 1 JPG File

  • Episode 5: 3 RAW Files & 1 JPG File

  • Episode 6: 1 RAW File

  • Episode 7: 1 RAW File & 1 JPG File

  • Episode 8: 3 RAW Files

  • Episode 9: 6 RAW Files

  • Episode 10: 1 RAW File

  • Episode 11: 9 RAW Files

  • Episode 12: 5 RAW Files

  • Episode 13: 1 RAW File


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These files are sold to you for your own personal educational use. They are the property of Anthony Morganti and you are not permitted to sell, transfer or distribute them in any way, RAW or processed, without the consent of Anthony Morganti. Anthony Morganti retains all rights to these images, expressed or otherwise and you cannot claim them as your own, post them online, print them, share them, sell them or use any part of them as part of another image.

All questions regarding these images should be directed to Anthony Morganti at via:

After your purchase, you will receive an email with the link to download the images. Please be aware that the file is very large and may take some time to download to your computer. Depending on your internet speed, the download may take over an hour. To make the download smaller, it was compressed (.zip). Once you download it you will have to decompress it or “Unzip” it. If you’re not sure how to do this, go to YouTube and search for a video that demonstrates how to unzip a file. Use the following search term without quotes, “How to Unzip a file in Windows” or, if you’re using a Mac, “How to Unzip a file with a Mac”.

All of the Lightroom 6, Lightroom CC videos, that the files are processed in, can be found here:

Lightroom 6 / CC Playlist on YouTube