Morganti’s Dragan and Orton Photoshop Action Bundle

by Anthony Morganti

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My First Photoshop Action Bundle – YAY!

In this, my first ever bundle of photoshop actions I’ve included two of the most popular effects today, the Dragan Effect and the Orton Effect.

The Dragan Effect

Made popular by the photographer Andrzej Dragan, this is a heavy effect that is often used on men with faces of character. By that I mean that their faces are often wrinkled and weathered. The effect, until now, couldn’t be effectively created by an Action because Dragan would dodge and burn his images to enhance the effect — Dodging and burning is specific to a given image and cannot be automated in an Action. With my Action, I’ve created a way for the effect to be created without dodging and burning.

This effect will ONLY WORK with Photoshop CC and Above – CC, CC2014 etc. It will not work properly with earlier versions of Photoshop.


The Orton Effect

This effect was made popular in the 1980’s by the photographer Michael Orton. He did this with slide film — having one slide of the scene in perfect focus and a second image of the scene out of focus, Orton would sandwich these two slides together in the darkroom to give his image a sort of ethereal glow. This preset is often used on wedding and lifestyle shots but is considerably more versatile then the Dragan effect often being used on landscapes and macro images as well.

This Action works great on Photoshop CS5 and above – CS5, CS6, CC, CC2014 etc.

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**I’ve received reports that this action doesn’t work with the Swedish version of Photoshop. Please note there may be other compatibility issues that I’m not aware of.