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by Anthony Morganti

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If You’re New To Lightroom Presets

Presets are very popular in Lightroom and we, as photographers, can save a lot of time in our post processing utilizing a preset. Also, with Lightroom, when we find that we’re processing our images the same way time after time, we can create our own preset. Before we get to the free Lightroom presets, in case you didn’t see these videos, check them out. It will help you better understand presets and why we use them.

In this video, I demonstrate how you can create your own Lightroom preset. You can view that video here:

A few days ago, I posted a video showing how to load a preset you got off of the internet or purchased from someone. You can view that video here:

Ok, Here Are More Free Lightroom Presets

I’ve scoured the internet and came up with these:

Free Lightroom presets for weddings:

Free Lightroom presets for portrait photographers:

A big free pack of Lightroom presets from William:

OnOne Software is giving away a bunch of presets. Many of them are for Lightroom 5 taking advantage of the new radial filter but there are some there for earlier versions of Lightroom too. Check them out:

Well, that’s it for today. I’ll keep searching high and low for presets and will let you know of them when I find them.

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