Learn Lightroom 5 – Part 12: Getting Images Into Lightroom

by Anthony Morganti

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In this video, I demonstrate how you get the images off of your memory card and into Lightroom. I offer some tips on how to organize your library so that you can easily find a specific image years down the line.

In a perfect world, I should have done this video first in this series, instead of twelfth, but everyone was eager to learn how to process their images in the develop module of Lightroom and I was all too eager to teach it, so the first 12 videos were all about the develop module. Now, finally, I’m demonstrating how to get the images off of your memory card and into Lightroom.

If you just load your images into Lightroom the default way Lightroom is setup, you’ll have a difficult time finding a specific image months and years from now. In this video I explain what Lightroom does and why it’s a problem and I offer an easy way to save the files which is much more intuitive. So much so that years from now you should be able to find a specific images in a few minutes.

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