Learn Lightroom 5 – Part 11: Questions & Answers

by Anthony Morganti

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In this video I answer a few common questions I’ve received regarding the Lightroom 5 Training Videos. There are just a few questions but they’re ones that I’ve been asked several times so I decided to answer them in a video.

If I can indulge you in some quick housecleaning:

I’ve had numerous requests to do more portrait retouching with Lightroom 5. So, in the next installment – Part 12, I’ll be doing another portrait retouch.

As you know, in part 7 I retouched a portrait in Lightroom 5 and you’ll remember me mentioning that I don’t normally use Lightroom to retouch a portrait preferring to use a program called Portrait Professional so I’ve decided to do a video demoing Portrait Professional. Look for that in the future.

I’ve had a few questions about how to get the photos off of your memory card and into Lightroom. I realize I’ve totally neglected the Library Module in Lightroom 5 and will, in part 13, be doing a video explaining everything you’ll need to know about the Library module including how to get your images off of your memory card and into Lightroom.

Until than, I hope you guys are taking stunning images and that Lightroom is helping you realize your vision.

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