Learn Lightroom 5 – Part 1: Quickstart

by Anthony Morganti


This is the first installment of our multipart series on learning Adobe Lightroom. In this video we dive right into the develop module of Lightroom to process a photograph.


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Learn Lightroom 5 Videos on YouTube


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Interested In Photography? Check Out These Websites

by Anthony Morganti

I spend a lot of time surfing the web reading photography articles and enjoying many beautiful photographs from some great photographers. Once a week, I share the best with you.

Photography Articles

Awash In Light: High Key Portraiture

How To Use Leading Lines For Better Compositions

When and How to Use a Monopod Instead of a Tripod

Exposure Guide Infographic: Road to Exposure

Add The Moon to a Photograph Using Pixelmator – The folks over at PixelmatorTutorials.net asked me if they could use my video on their website. If you’re a Pixelmator user, check out their website. They have a lot of great video’s and articles.


20 Awesome Photos of the Supermoon

25 Spectacular Majestic Lights – Two of my shots are in this collection...

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Composition Overlays In Lightroom

by Anthony Morganti

Important Message: This weekend I’ll be introducing an in-depth video series on how to process your images in Adobe Lightroom. Look for  part one of the installment this Sunday, July 21st. If you’re unsure how to use Lightroom or if you’re an advanced user looking for some tips, this video series is for you!

Adobe Lightroom has a plethora of features with some hidden away unknown to many people. One easily accessed but relatively obscure feature is that Lightroom has a number of compositional overlays which aid in cropping an image so that it’s most powerful elements are positioned correctly.

The overlays are accessed when the crop tool panel is active.

Crop Tool Panel

Access the crop tool panel by hitting “R” on your keyboard or clicking on the far left rectangle

Once you open u...

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Photographer Spotlight – Brad Moore

by Anthony Morganti

A weekly feature on AnthonyMorganti.com is our Photographer Spotlight — A look at a photographer who many may not have heard of, but who’s work I greatly admire.

This week, we’re looking at the photography of Brad Moore

Brad Moore's Website

Many people may not have heard of Brad Moore — it may be because he’s been overshadowed by two of the greatest photographers on the planet. Formerly Joe McNally’s photographic assistant, Brad is currently Scott Kelby’s assistant but don’t let him being an assistant fool you, Brad is a brilliant photographer in his own right.

Brad passion is concert photography and I rate him right up there with the best in the genre. Anyone who’s tried to photograph concerts will tell you how difficult it is...

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Copy The Sky & Clouds From One Photo Into Another Photo Using Photoshop CS6

by Anthony Morganti

In this video I demonstrate how to copy an interesting sky from one picture and place it in another using Adobe Photoshop CS6.



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3 Simple Things To Improve Your Photography

by Anthony Morganti

While teaching photography over the years, I’ve seen people make the same mistakes over and over. Surprisingly, many of the mistakes are easily corrected. Today we’re going to talk about three common mistakes and how to fix them.

Straighten That Horizon

Crooked Horizon-1

A Nice Picture Ruined By The Crooked Horizon (click on image to make it larger)

This is my personal biggest pet peeve. Over and over I’ve seen what could have been a great landscape picture ruined because the horizon was crooked. Actually, it isn’t a problem relegated to landscape photographers as I’ve seen wedding pictures where the altar was not level or the wedding party looked like they were standing on a hill.

Years ago when there wasn’t any such thing as a digital camera and bokeh wasn’t even a word, I decided...

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Weekly Photo Critique: Laura

by Anthony Morganti

A weekly feature on AnthonyMorganti.com is a photo critique. If you’re interested in having me critique your photos, click here to find out how to send them to me.

This week I’ll be critiquing the work of Laura. All the photos below are the property of Laura and cannot be used without her permission. If you want to see more of Laura’s work, check out her flickr page: Lil Green Witch

Ice CrystalsI started with this shot only because it’s my least favorite of the group. It’s still an excellent photo because the exposure of the ice is excellent and the composition of the foreground ice is pretty cool. What I’d like you to keep in mind is that whenever you skew the horizon, you run the risk of causing the person looking at the picture to strain when they view it...

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Add The Moon To A Photograph Using Pixelmator

by Anthony Morganti

In previous videos I demonstrated how to add the moon to a moonless photograph using both Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 11. The extended version of Photoshop CS6 runs over $800.00. Elements 11 runs $70. Pixelmator is currently, as of this writing, selling for less then $15.00 and it does many of the same things that Photoshop does. The only caveat is that Pixelmator is for Mac only. If you own a Mac, head over to the  app store and check out Pixelmator. You can get a demo version of Pixelmator here: Pixelmator Demo



Buy Adobe Elements 11   Buy Adobe Photoshop CS6   Pixelmator Demo



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How To Add The Moon To a Photograph Using Adobe Elements 11

by Anthony Morganti

Ok, I still sound like a dork in these videos — I was hoping that I would sound better. My hope is that someday I’ll develop a velvety smooth voice for these instructional videos. Until then… yuck!

In this video I demonstrate how you can add the moon to an existing photo using Adobe Photoshop Elements 11. Elements is a much cheaper alternative to Adobe Photoshop that has many of the same functions. If you can’t afford to drop the coin on Photoshop CS6 or the subscription to Photoshop CC, check out Elements 11.



To learn how to do the same thing utilizing Adobe Photoshop CS6, Click Here


Buy Adobe Elements 11           Buy Adobe Photoshop CS6



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Great Photography Articles and Great Photography I Ran Across This Week

by Anthony Morganti

Once a week I’ll be posting some photography websites, articles and videos that I ran across over the past few days that I think will be of interest to you. In this first installment I’ll be sharing four great articles, a couple websites and a couple cool portfolios.

Interesting Photography Articles

Are You Guilty of These? Five Hard Photography Habits to Break

Going Fishing! Fun With Fisheye Lenses

10 Landscape Photography Mistakes Every Photographer Makes (and how to fix them)

How to Handle Catch Lights and Eyeglasses Glare in Portrait Photography

Photography Websites

Matt Kloskowski’s Site – A lot a great tips!

Gavin Hoey’s Site – Tips and Freebies!

Nice Portfolio’s

Pixel Passion – The sky in all their photos are incredible!

KM Salvatore – A shout out to my si...

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