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Lightroom Quick Tips – Episode 120: More Chromatic Aberration Tips

by Anthony Morganti    @AnthonyMorganti

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Lightroom Quick Tips – Episode 120: More Chromatic Aberration Tips

This is the 120th episode of Lightroom Quick Tips where I give a quick Lightroom tip.

In this episode of Lightroom Quick Tips, I explain how the alt/option key can help you find any chromatic aberration in your image.

In Episode 72 I went into great detail about Chromatic Aberration. Here is that video:

If you’re reading this in your email, click on the headline to view the video

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I get emails now and then from folks asking me if I have Twitter — Yes I do! It’s linked on the right of my website but apparently it easily goes unnoticed so I’m linking it here and pinning it to the top for a while. You can find me on Twitter here:



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A Photographer’s Duty

Quote by Anthony Morganti

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Proud to be a B&H Photo-Video Affiliate

by Anthony Morganti

Today I’m proud to announce that I’m now an affiliate for B&H Photo-Video

Lately I’ve received quite a few offers from companies asking me to represent them and their product. To tell you the truth, I’m quite flattered to receive these offers but I just cannot sign up with a company if I don’t personally believe in the product or service that they’re selling. If I’m not going to personally use it, I cannot and will not suggest that you should. Well, those of you that know me know that in the past I’ve driven 7 hours to New York City just so I could visit B&H Photo-Video in Manhattan so I was quite thrilled when they contacted me asking me to be their affiliate and work with them in a symbiotic way that ultimately helps me, help you, with your photography.

Forgive me bu...

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My Website Is Close To Going LIVE!

Well, I’ve been writing articles, recording videos, and tweaking the website. I’m just about ready to go live with it but until then, I thought is would be a good idea if I posted YouTube videos that I feel are very informative about photography, photographic techniques and post processing.

This will give me valuable feedback on how the website is functioning and it will give you some valuable content.

Again, I will mention that I’d like to have photographers submit articles and videos to supplement what I’m going to be putting up. If you’re interested in writing for, please contact me at More information can be found here:

Write For This Website

Also, if you’d like me to critique your work, I’d be glad to! More information about critiques can ...

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Write For This Website

We Need Writers!

Are you a photographer with a tip to share?

Do you want a place to talk about and promote your best photography?

If so, please consider writing for

My hope is this site will attract lovers of photography from beginners to enthusiasts to professionals and I need dynamic content.

What is dynamic content?

  • How-to articles on photography from preparation to post processing
  • Detailed articles on how you got that special shot
  • Gear reviews
  • Interviews with famous photographers

What’s in it for you?

Both at the beginning and end of your article will be links to you everywhere online – Personal Website, 500px, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, etc… Anywhere and everywhere you want people to check out you and your work.

Promotion is your key to success and I’m here t...

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Official Press Release

Fine Art Photographer, Retoucher and Trainer Anthony Morganti, from Buffalo, New York has recently joined and submitted some images to “Artist Websites” and “500px”. Over the next several weeks Mr Morganti will be uploading some of his most popular images to the two websites:

Additionally, Anthony is starting a website dedicated to the education and promotion of photography. The website is currently under construction but in the near future users can visit the website for insightful articles and videos on photography, lightroom and photoshop techniques. Check the website often for its official launch:

Anthony can be reached at:

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Coming Soon!

Coming soon! Posts about the art and business of photography….

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