Lightroom Quick Tips – Episode 106: The Toolbar

by Anthony Morganti    @AnthonyMorganti

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Lightroom Quick Tips – Episode 106: The Toolbar

This is the 106th episode of Lightroom Quick Tips where I give a quick Lightroom tip.

In this episode I talk about the Toolbar in Lightroom and demonstrate how you can populate it with the functions you most often use.


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2 comments to Lightroom Quick Tips – Episode 106: The Toolbar

  • David White  says:

    Anthony I have been looking at your tutorials for quite awhile and they all are top notch. I would like to invite you to post in my community on G+ it is the landscape Photography community, one of the largest moderated communities on G+. Look it over and if you decide it can be of benefit to you and our members please post. I would suggest to post in the Workflow and Processing category. Here is a link directly to the community.

  • bratchfan  says:

    Anthony, in your affiliate links, does the eBay link only work from USA? the link asks to click on a banner but it does not show on my computer, I am in New Zealand.

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