Thank You For Your Well Wishes and Positive Vibes!

by Anthony Morganti

My dog “Archie”


Thank You For Your Well Wishes and Positive Vibes!

Last week Monday I did a video and after posting it on YouTube I realized that I sounded distant and not enthused. In the comment section of that video, I apologized and explained that my dog Archie was, at the moment I was recording the video, at the veterinarian getting a large lump removed from this side/hip area which our vet felt was likely cancer. The kindness and well wishes I received was overwhelming and I promised I would update everyone on Archie’s progress and prognosis after the biopsy came back on the lump that was removed.

It’s not the best news but it’s not the worst either

Archie made it through the surgery like a champ and came home that evening. He acted like nothing at all was wrong with him — the next day it snowed out and when my wife took him out to do his duty, he actually wanted to play in the snow despite a 12-inch long slice along his hip and side. If he didn’t have his hind shaved and a bunch of stitches, we wouldn’t even notice that anything was different about him.

The vet removed a 9cm Vascular Mass along with a lot of tissue around the mass. Today, we brought Archie in for his followup and found that the Vascular Mass is a Soft Tissue Sarcoma — apparently not uncommon in dogs. This sarcoma is cancer but the good news is that it usually doesn’t metastasize to organs or other parts of the dog’s body but it can often reoccur in the same spot — that’s why they took so much tissue around the mass — hoping to get as many cancer cells out of his body as possible so it won’t reoccur.

On the 27th he’ll get his stitches removed and hopefully his fur grows back and of course, we hope he stays healthy.

Words cannot express my gratitude to everyone for their kindness. My wife and I often say that Archie is our fourth son and he’s definitely an integral part of our everyday lives. Thank you everyone!

Thank you!!!!

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45 comments to Thank You For Your Well Wishes and Positive Vibes!

  • Peter Bernardini  says:

    Glad to hear this good news!

  • Nancy Collins  says:

    Somehow I missed your news on Archie last week, but I am so glad to hear his good news! We should all take a page out of Archie’s play book. Never miss a chance to play!!

  • Ozzie Alfonso  says:

    Didn’t know about Archie. I’m glad all is turning out for the best. Having had a dog who went through similar problems, I completely empathise.

  • Kathy  says:

    So glad he is doing better. Nothing worse than having a sick baby.

  • Robert Angel  says:

    Ah, that’s good, or at least goodish, news. Anthony. We don’t have a dog now, only “grand-dogs” in the care of our son and daughter. But illness in dogs is like illness in small children. Can’t imagine what you and your family are going through. Archie looks, judging from his portrait, like an active, healthy, and alert dog, so there’s abundant room for hope. Hang in there, and we’ll be thinking about you’all,
    Bob at CarolinaConsidered

  • Michael Gervais  says:

    There’s no question our pets are so integrated into our lives in so many ways, that they virtually become what most would agree are a vital part of the family and to see them suffer is and can be a challenge. Glad Archie is on the mend Anthony. Praying for a quick recovery and no more future issues!

  • Tim Smith  says:

    That’s awesome Tony best wishes

  • Bob Dawes  says:

    So sorry Anthony. I didn’t know. I hope he is recovering well and going to make a full recovery. Dogs and pets are family and they mean so much to us. I wish you and your family well.

  • Nicole Nicky  says:

    This is very good news considering the alternative. All the best to Archie and his family. I have had several dogs and cats and know well the attachment. They are indeed members of the family!

  • Jane xxx  says:

    Archie is just gorgeous and oh that face . . . I hope he recovers quickly and that your four sons, you, and your wife stay healthy! All the best, and thanks for your blog and videos. I’ve learned so much!

  • Warren Smith  says:

    Thanks for the update. All the best.

  • Tim Brown  says:

    Excellent news. I’m delighted and thanks for letting us all know how he’s getting on.

  • Tessa  says:

    Sorry did not know about Archie, so happy he is home now and all went well.
    Hope he has a speedy recovery.

  • jose mendoza  says:

    My best wishes to Archie and your family.. wife and I are now retired and we now have 4 “children of our own” a pets love is forever unconditional to us humans. Godspeed. -José

  • Alan Parker  says:

    I hope he gets back to 100% soon. Thanks for your videos.

  • George andrewd  says:

    Good luck Archie!

  • Rich DT  says:

    Great news Anthony, fogs are family… us dog lovers get it.

  • Kevin McKanna  says:


    Now Archie is on the road to recovery.
    He will be fine.
    We have always had dogs.
    They are the nicest friends a person can ever have.
    All the Best.

  • Wendy Whyte  says:

    so pleased Archie’s on the mend. Here’s to many more happy years with him.

  • Maria  says:

    Our two black Labs, Jake and Finn, send lots of licks and good wishes.

  • Hugh Schoelzel  says:

    Our dogs are the nicest people we know, and I’m sure you feel the same. They ask nothing and give all.

  • M. Isetts  says:

    I did not see the initial information about Archie. However I am pleased to see Archie that is recovering quickly. He’ll be around for a long time.

  • Henry P  says:

    Best wishes for Archie’s recovery. Our 6 year old Great Dane had to be put to sleep in January due to cancer. Our 17 year old Scottie passed in February. We know how you and your family must feel and wish all the best to you.

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