I Critique & Process YOUR Image – Episode 5: Asad

by Anthony Morganti

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I Critique & Process YOUR Image – Episode 5: Asad

This is episode 5 of the video series where I critique and process your image.

In this episode, I process a great scene from Asad.

In this episode, I talk more about composition and what could make an image “balanced”. I also touch on negative space and the obligatory rule of thirds.


To watch all of the videos in this series, visit this link:



If you would like me to critique and process your image:

I have hundreds of images submitted to me for this series and definitely will only be able to do a fraction of them but if you’d like to send your image in for consideration:

  • I only will accept one (1) RAW file per person — no JPG’s, Tiff’s or any type of image file will be accepted.
  • You must upload and share your RAW file with me from Dropbox.
  • The email address you’ll be sharing it to is: PostProcess@AnthonyMorganti.com.
  • If your image has any recognizable people in it, you must include a signed model release for each person.
  • I will critique the image for it artistic merits and technical attributes.
  • I will post process the image using the software I feel will do the best job. The choice of software I use is up to me but will include Lightroom and may include Photoshop and any number of plugins.
  • I make no guarantee that I will process your image and apologize in advance if it turns out that I don’t. I’m receiving about 30 images for every 1 I can do.
  • Leave your RAW file on Dropbox until you know for a fact that I used it in a video. I may download it to look at it but not use it for a couple weeks, then download it again the day I do the video. After a month, if I still didn’t do a video on your image, I probably won’t so you can remove it from Dropbox.

How to share a file that’s on Dropbox:

  1. Hover over the file or folder that you wish to share.
  2. While hovering, you’ll see a “Share” button appear to the far right of the file listing.
  3. Click on that Share button and share the file or folder with the email address: PostProcess@AnthonyMorganti.com.
  4. If you’re sharing a folder, make sure I can edit the folder.
  5. Don’t forget to share any required model release.

4 comments to I Critique & Process YOUR Image – Episode 5: Asad

  • Celeste Ellis  says:

    Anthony, I wanted to cast my vote for you to continue to show how you would use plugins on your photo editing. I have the plugins you use but I rarely used them and you are opening all new ideas for me to learn and apply. Thank you so much for this series. I love seeing the picture and watching it evolve with your vision!

  • Claudia Capeau Holt  says:

    I second Celeste’s comment about showing how you use plug-ins. I tend to go towards more of an artistic viewpoint in my photography. I am basically self-taught and love hearing the reasons why you do something. I too, try to shoot a scene where the goal is to not crop. Sometimes it is not always possible. Thanks for your videos.

  • Francyne Doyle  says:

    I also second Celeste’s comments. I do not have Lightroom and use PSE to process my photos and then finish them in On1. I find your tutorials really inspiring. Please continue your good work.

  • Michael McPhee  says:

    I am a LR user but welcome the introduction to Plug Ins which I would otherwise not have been exposed to.

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