I Critique & Process YOUR Image – Episode 3: Lawrence

by Anthony Morganti


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I Critique & Process YOUR Image – Episode 3: Lawrence

This is episode 3 of the video series where I critique and process your image.

In this episode, I process a cool image from Lawrence. There are a lot of creative, artistic choices open to us with this image which we’ll discuss and explore.


Check this out!

I actually like the way Lawrence processed his image better than the way I did! You can view his processing here:



To watch all of the videos in this series, visit this link:



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If you would like me to critique and process your image:

  • I only will accept one (1) RAW file per person — no JPG’s, Tiff’s or any type of image file will be accepted.
  • You must upload and share your RAW file with me from Dropbox.
  • The email address you’ll be sharing it to is: PostProcess@AnthonyMorganti.com.
  • If your image has any recognizable people in it, you must include a signed model release for each person.
  • I will critique the image for it artistic merits and technical attributes.
  • I will post process the image using the software I feel will do the best job. The choice of software I use is up to me but will include Lightroom and may include Photoshop and any number of plugins.
  • I make no guarantee that I will process your image and apologize in advance if it turns out that I don’t. I’m receiving about 30 images for every 1 I can do.
  • Leave your RAW file on Dropbox until you know for a fact that I used it in a video. I may download it to look at it but not use it for a couple weeks, then download it again the day I do the video. After a month, if I still didn’t do a video on your image, I probably won’t so you can remove it from Dropbox.

How to share a file that’s on Dropbox:

  1. Hover over the file or folder that you wish to share.
  2. While hovering, you’ll see a “Share” button appear to the far right of the file listing.
  3. Click on that Share button and share the file or folder with the email address: PostProcess@AnthonyMorganti.com.
  4. If you’re sharing a folder, make sure I can edit the folder.
  5. Don’t forget to share any required model release.

6 comments to I Critique & Process YOUR Image – Episode 3: Lawrence

  • Tim Smith  says:

    I like the color and I LOVE watching your videos

  • Scotty  says:

    I appreciate your “Why” explanations.

  • Ozzie Alfonso  says:

    As always I liked what you did with Lawrence’s picture but I miss the wide expanse of white in the original after cropping. The negative space of the figure was much stronger against the whiteness. Perhaps the vertical cropping was a tad too much. I would have preferred it horizontal – black against the almost total white. I also tend toward the color versions. BTW- another good one.

  • Marcela Hinnant  says:

    Anthony, I am your biggest fan. I watch all your videos including Quick Tips. They are helping me a lot.
    I have a question, ” when do you use ON 1 and when do you use a Photoshop after you processed the image in Lightroom?” On those 3 images you used ON 1. What is ON 1 doing that Photoshop is not? Please help me understand. I have a subscription PS CC and I bought ON 1 last year. I never used ON 1.

  • Elizabeth Johnson  says:

    I liked both of your versions but the colour just wins out although I did find the orange object in the lower right a little bright. However have to say I loved Lawrence’s version. Very striking. I really enjoy your video’s, and I like your reflections and your honesty with the tossing up which way to go. It really reflects the subjectivity of the process and that there is no “just one right way” to process an image. Thanks so much Anthony.

  • Leonard Wertheimer  says:

    This is a very interesting photo, with the silhouette. My preference is the color version. I have been a big fan of yours for a long time and watch everything you produce. I can’t express how much I am enjoying your Critique and Process videos. This series is so informative and helpful that I anxiously await further episodes.

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